Men & Women

Penetangear welcomes another high-performance pool wear brand. TYR is well known for its competitive and aquafit swimsuits for men, women, and kids. Available in a broad range of sizes including plus size, D-Cup, and long body fittings. Penetangear only buys the highest chlorine-resistant swimsuits from TYR to further enhance the choice of swim clothing in the Grey-Bruce area.
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Men, Women & Kids

One of Australia’s most successful companies, the Speedo range of competition and training swim suits and training equipment take pride of place at Penetangear. If you’re a serious pool swimmer, love aqua fit, or are into beach volleyball come in any time of the year and look over our extensive range of Endurance fabric swim suits, broad range of googles, swim caps, pool bags, training aids, nose clips and ear plugs. No that the suits we sell are only the hardest wearing, best fitting and color fade resistant fabric made simply to deal with everything a clorine pool can dish out.

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